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Need high quality heating oil in Southern Maryland?

If your home is located in St. Mary’s, Southern Calvert or Southern Charles County, don’t miss out on the opportunity to get your heating fuel from Southern Maryland’s premiere fuel company. Fuel purchased from Trossbach Fuel comes with Ultraguard protection. This is just one more reason Trossbach Fuel comes out on top.

What is UltraGuard™?

UltraGuard™ helps your system run more efficient and burn less oil. It prevents your heating system from breakdowns that are caused by the buildup of sludge in nozzles and fuel lines. Using UltraGuard™ reduces fuel related service calls.

One of our most frequently asked questions from our Southern Maryland customers is “How much will my tank hold?”

Here are some general ideas about how much fuel your tank will hold. If your tank is above ground, and measures 44” high by 60” wide by 27” deep, it holds 275 gallons. In-ground tanks are fairly standard sizes. Most of the tanks in Southern Maryland are 275 or 550 gallons.

Delivery Plans to Fit Your Needs

Trossbach Fuel offers 2 Delivery Package Options. Choose from our Automatic Delivery Plan or our Will Call plan.


Automatic Delivery Service

  • To end the worry of running out of fuel when you need it most, enroll in our automatic delivery plan
  • Receive priority delivery service
  • No minimum gallon requirement fee

How Does Automatic Fuel Oil Delivery Work?

Trossbach Fuel monitors the environment, your home fuel consumption and other factors that are indicators of when you will need fuel. If you have lifestyle changes such as home additions, extended stay guests or you find yourself turning up the heat more often, we can adjust our delivery pattern so you are never left short. Just let us know if there are changes so that we can make the appropriate adjustments to your scheduling. We will do everything we can to best serve all of our customers in the midst of winter weather!

How Does Will Call Fuel Oil Delivery Work?

As soon as you realize you need heating oil, call Southern Maryland’s premiere delivery company – Trossbach Fuel. Someone will contact you as soon as possible to schedule your delivery.

Today’s Oil Heat Is Better Than Ever
Renewable – Efficient – Clean – Abundant

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